What A.A. Does Not Do

  • AA. does not furnish initial motivation for alcoholics to recover
  • A.A. does not solicit members
  • A.A. does not engage in or sponsor research
  • A.A. does not keep attendance records or case histories
  • A.A. does not join “councils” or social agencies (although A.A. members, groups and service offices frequently cooperate with them)
  • A.A. does not follow up or try to control its members
  • A.A. does not make medical or psychological diagnoses or prognoses
  • A.A. does not provide detox, rehabilitation or nursing services, hospitalization, drugs or any medical or psychiatric treatment
  • A.A. does not offer religious services or host/sponsor retreats
  • A.A. does not engage in education about alcohol
  • A.A. does not provide housing, food, clothing, jobs, money, or any welfare or social services
  • A.A. does not accept money for its services, or any contributions from non-A.A. sources
  • A.A. does not provide letters of reference to parole boards, lawyers, court officials, social agencies, employers etc.

From A.A. at a Glance [pub. F-1] © 1977 A.A. World Services, Inc. and Information on Alcoholics Anonymous: For Anyone New Coming to A.A., For Anyone Referring People to A.A. [pub. F-2] © 2014 A.A. World Services, Inc.