Group Resources & Information

GSR Reporting Form For District 12 Business Meetings

GSRs or Alt GSRs can use this form to send a group report if you are unable to attend the monthly District 12 Business Meeting. The report is sent to the District Secretary and will be included in the Business Meeting Minutes.

Where to Mail Group Contributions (District, Area, GSO)
Online A.A. Publications and Media
District 12 Guidelines (PDF Download)

Guidelines for how the District’s Business Meetings are run, how officers and committee chairs are elected, what are their qualifications for office, and what are their responsibilities and duties.

New Group Registration Form (PDF Download)

Use this form to register a new A.A. group. By registering with the General Services Office of A.A., your group will be listed in A.A.’s Meetings Directory Your group’s GSR will also receive issues of Box 549, the GSO’s quarterly newsletter, and other A.A. information to distribute at your meeting. By registering, your group receives a Group Service Number. That number is required for your group to make donations to Area or the GSO. This form can be filled out online, saved under a new name and emailed to either or

Group Information Change Form (PDF Download)

DO NOT use this form if switching to an online meeting because of the COVID19 Emergency.

Use this form when your group changes its GSR or alternate GSR, changes its meeting time, day, location, or changes from an Open to a Closed meeting or vice versa. Download this form, fill it out online and email it to either or This will update your group’s information with GSO only. To update information with District 12, contact the DCM for changes in GSR/Alt GSR. Meeting changes can be reported on the District’s Meetings page at the bottom of your group’s meeting listing.

How to Obtain an EIN for a Group Checking Account (Google Doc)

Rather than mixing your group’s funds in the treasurer’s personal checking account or in having a checking account under the group’s name but using the the Social Security number of an individual, a group can obtain a Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS online in a few steps.

A.A. Service Manual Combined with the 12 Concepts for World Service (2018-2020 edition) (PDF Download)

Written by Bill W., this book outlines the organizational structure of A.A.’s third legacy: service – carrying the message to other alcoholics.  Members form Groups, Groups form a District, Districts form an Area and Areas form the A.A.’s General Service Conference.  The Service Manual also outlines the roles of trusted servants: the Group Service Representative (GSR) for each Group, the District Committee Member (DCM) for each District, and the Area Delegate for each Area. It also discusses the 12 Concepts behind service work.