Moving Your Meeting Online

If your group is suspending your in-person meeting, please email or notify the webmaster via your group’s meeting listing on the Meetings page. At the bottom of your group’s meeting listing there’s a message form. If your group has multiple meetings, just send one message, but state which days’ meetings the changes apply to.

If your group is switching to an online format, in order that its meetings can be identified on the website as an Online Meeting AND so people can connect directly to that meeting, the webmaster needs to know the following:

  • the day and time of the meeting (if it is different than the in person meeting)
  • the online medium for your meeting (Free Conference, FreeConferenceCall, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, WebEx, Zoom. etc.)
  • the identifier for your online meeting (e.g. Zoom Meeting ID)
  • the password for the meeting (Zoom requires passwords for all meetings) AND
  • the URL for your online meeting (One Click to Join URL)
  • if your meeting offers audio access only via phone, the phone number for that access.

If your group has established an online payments system for 7th Tradition contributions (for example, Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay) please also include that information to be added to your group’s listing.

Below is more information from the San Francisco / Marin County A.A. Intergroup about online meetings and their management: